William R. Harvey Leadership Institute

The William R. Harvey Leadership Institute at Hampton University offers the undergraduate student a curriculum option that enhances the regular university experience. It is an intensive, interactive undergraduate minor designed to develop entry-level leaders for the workplace and community who are competent, committed and ethical.

Students admitted to the Institute are designated Leadership Fellows. Fellows earn a minor in Leadership Studies upon successful completion of the eighteen (18) credit hour program and a 400-hour service learning internship. Also, Leadership Fellows may quailfy for a Leadership Grant each academic year.

Mission Statement

To develop entry-level leaders who have the character and commitment to ethically lead and serve.


To prepare Leadership Institute Fellows to make a positive difference in the workplace and community by ethically applying the principles of leadership.


Character is the foundation of leadership. Recognition as a leader provides an opportunity to influence positive change. Leadership Fellows will possess appropriate expertise in a professional discipline, apply sound leadership principles, possess appropriate leadership traits, demonstrate requisite leadership skills and commit to the responsibility of community service.

The program focus is the pragmatic and ethical application of knowledge and skills, including

  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Ethical decision-making;
  • Effective communication;
  • Team-building;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Policy development, and;
  • Service learning.

Admission Requirements

  • ONLY entering freshmen with the ability and motivation to lead are invited to apply for admission to the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute.
  • Entering freshmen with a minimum high school G.P.A.of 3.0, or equivalent, AND a minimum SAT of 900 (math and verbal only), or equivalent, are invited to apply.
  • Admission is through a competitive process which includes evidence of leadership and an on-site interview during New Student Orientation Week.

How to Apply

The items required to apply to the Leadership Institute include

  • A completed application; (download file, fill out and mail)
  • Personal statements;
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation, and;
  • sealed official transcript.

These items should be sent to:

The William R. Harvey Leadership Institute
P.O. Box 6143
Hampton, VA 23668

Academy Building

The William R. Harvey Leadership Institute is located in the Academy Building, one of several National Historical Landmarks on Hampton University's campus. Formerly known as Academic Hall, the building was destroyed by fire in 1879 and was rebuilt in 1881. The Academy Building is now home to several campus programs. The bell located outside of the building was historically used to call students to classes, meals and daily chapel.